Pioneer Woman Wednesday...Recipe #31

Perfect Pot Roast

Can I add the description easy, too?

Why, oh why do some onions make me cry?? I don't understand how I can be completely fine with one onion but the next can cause the ugly cry!?! I was chopping these onions, bawling and blinking and laughing ~LOL~ at the thought of what it would look like right now if this blog was a vlog (video blog) instead! Pretty comical and yet I still managed a picture!!

Let me just tell you right now that these are some of the BEST carrots I have ever had!! Even my little Little liked them and he doesn't like anything!!

Today was the first time I have ever deglazed a pot!


Pioneer Woman Wednesday...er, Thursday...Recipe NADA!!!

Nope. No recipe this week! Blame it on a combination of spending the day with my MOM :) and  totally forgetting!! Oy vey!!

Nonetheless, as I am sure you all know, Ree is getting her own show on Food Network!! It is set to air in August 2011!

AND, a movie is in the works from her book, Black Heels To Tractor Wheels!! Crazy exciting!!

Can you imagine starting an innocent blog about cooking and the whirlwind of adventures that has happened since!  I am so excited for the wonderful things happening in her life!!

Who wants to go see the movie with me?!?! Can't wait......


Pioneer Woman Wednesday...Recipe #35

Chicken-Fried Steak

Did you hear My Hubby cheer? Actually, I sent him a picture text of what was cooking and he magically came home earlier than expected. I need to make this more often!!

Flour, seasoned salt, paprika and pepper. Who would have thought paprika in Chicken Fried Steak?

Double coated, ready to go! I keep saying it as a cheer in my head.  DOUBLE COATED, READY TO GO!

It's been a long time since I fried something. I grew up on fried food. My kids, not so much.

This is the pic that got My Hubby home! :)

Good lookin "roux" if I do say so myself! Do not fear the gravy!! 


This meal will take you back!! Reminds me of sitting around the kitchen at MaGene's house listening to everyone visit ~that's good stuff! 

Of course, My Hubby LOVED this meal!! I don't think I have ever made it before (it will now be a regular on the menu). My littles were not fans. As I said, they weren't raised on fried foods and this is probably only the 2nd or 3rd time in their lives they have had chicken fried steak. Get used to it Littles! With as happy as this made your dad, it'll be around awhile!!